Thursday, January 8, 2015

Organizing Thread

Well, I took a couple of weeks off because of Christmas and New Year and when I walked back into my studio the other day I saw this.

 My embroidery thread was all over the floor.

The racks that were hanging on a peg board were broken and stuck behind my embroidery machine and table.
 For some strange reason the board fell off the wall.  Hard to believe, when it was hanging on 3 bolts screwed into the wall.  Once I got everything pulled out away from the machine (thank goodness it wasn't hit) I realized that the top strip of the board broke lose and that caused it to fall.

I decided then that I was not taking another chance on that happening again so I made a trip the the Container Store and purchased shoe boxes as well as other storage containers for my thread.
I have spent this morning getting everything sorted out and placed in the correct sized containers.  Doing this has also made me realize I have way to much thread and spend far to little time using my embroidery machine.  Through the years I have collected up Maderia, PolyX40, Robinson-Anton and Floriani threads and have barely used any of it.

My intention this year is to put this thread to some kind of use.  I love Jenny Haskins designs and have several of her books.  I think it's time I pulled them out and made use of them.  I feel kinda like a thread hoarder as well as a fabric junkie.  Maybe I should go into rehab!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Oil Painting

Back in the summer, I had a request for a commission oil painting.  I was about 75% through it when Ricky had his accident.  In October, I found out that the painting needed to be finished before Thanksgiving instead of Christmas.  I had not been to the art studio since September and had really no desire to do anything, but I was committed to this, so I had to get to work on it.

I went to the studio and picked it up, came home and started working on it a few days a week.  At that time Ricky and I were spending 3 days week going back and forth to therapy for his hands, legs and neck.  I stuck with it and was able to get it completed.

I had it framed for her, and my sister-in-law delivered it to her.  She was so pleased and sent me the nicest thank you card.  I hope the family member that she was giving it to was pleased with it.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Quilting Progress and Update on Ricky

Back in October I mentioned that my husband had an accident that injured his spinal cord.  He had to have C3-C5 fused together.  He lost the feeling in his hands and has trouble with his shoulders.  He has 95% of his balance and walking ability back.  The doctors tell us that whatever ability he has in a year will be all that he will get back.  We have 9 months to go.  He is back to working on his antique tractors, with help from his brothers and friends.  He can't pick up over 25 lbs but he enjoys being out in his shop and trying to do as much as possible to keep busy and moving.

I have finally started working on my quilts again and it really makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile.  I have finished the blocks on a sampler of the month called "A Chocolate Sampler".  I added about 12 extra blocks on the outside to make it big enough for our bed.
I still have to piece them together, add borders and quilt it but it's a lot closer than before.

I have also, just this morning, finished quilting my "Tennessee Country" quilt made from Bonnie Hunter's "Blue Ridge Beauty" pattern.  You can find it in her Adventures with leaders and Enders book.  I originally wanted to use variegated thread and quilt it with a Baptist Fan panto graph, but kept having problems with skipped stitches. After ripping out stitches twice, I really became frustrated so I just used Superior Bottom Line on both top and bottom.

 After all the attempts with the variegated thread, I really like the solid color because it doesn't take away from the pattern of the quilt.  I just did a free form meandering on it and I am a happy girl.  Now, I just have to add a binding and put this baby on our bed.

It's nice to be back on the blogging scene.  I have been reading most of my blogs but don't make comments very often.  Now that life on the farm is getting back to some normalcy I should be able to be more active with everyone.  I wish you all a wonderful day.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Part 2 from 2009

Really, it's from 2009.  I have several quilts that I'm working on and one is a mystery quilt of Bonnie Hunter's called Double Delight.  I finally finished part 2 today!

 I have told myself that I needed to start working on the projects that I have already started before I get caught up in another new one.  Even though I did print out the material list for Bonnie's new mystery, I know that I won't ever work on it this year.  I do feel good that I have finished this step.

I also finished all the blocks from a block of the month video on  I did purchase the fabric for this one, but I couldn't help it.  I just fell in love with the colors.

I love batiks and I guess if I could spend lots of money on fabric it would be for colorful batiks.  They just make me happy.

I will pick another project to work on tomorrow and will be posting about that later on.  Enjoy your day.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Better Service

I am still learning about my new laptop but I have realized that I can now get service all the way out at our barn.  That's because we purchased a new router for the house.  I now have a new wireless mouse, I'm still the old fashion one that likes that more that touch screen.  Now I'm working on getting the hang of adding pictures and sizing correctly.  Here are a couple of shots made with my phone, but sent to my email.
 I have made a lounge area in my studio.  I think I will enjoy using this space when I'm looking at quilt or art books and writing in my journals.

This is a table my daughter had that I thought would be great for an art table. It has extensions on each side that I have pulled out for extra space.  I'm thinking of adding a shelf above it so I can put my laptop on it while watching videos.  Today I was just playing with the computer so it all looks pretty neat.  Usually it's a mess with paints, papers and sprays.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Learning Curve

My old desktop finally gave up.  I had worked with it for years and it became impossible to do anything with.  I moved it out of my studio and stopped all blogging.
Actually, I have stopped almost everything.  My husband had an accident that injured his spinal cord and the majority of my time has been spent taking care of him.  He is steadily improving and is now able to be left alone so I am slowly making my way back out to my studio to have a little play time.

Saturday we decided to update our wi-fi router and I purchased a new laptop.  I finally got the router set   up yesterday afternoon and I will now be able to have the same access to the internet in my studio that I do in my house.  THIS MAKES ME VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!

This morning I am trying to learn as much as I can about this new laptop.  It has windows 8 and tiles, which I am not familiar with.  I do have an Ipad but using the tiles on a laptop is new to me.  I'm from the old school and it is definitely a learning  curve.  I hope to be up and running soon so I can get back into the swing of posting again as well as reading the blogs that I follow.  I have missed being in touch with everyone and being able to make comments on your posts.  If you have any advice or tips about the HP Envy Touchsmart and Windows 8 I would welcome your comments.

Thanks and have a great day!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Dear Jane Quilt

I can't remember how long it has been since I started My Dear Jane quilt and that's sad.  The good news is that I'm still plugging away on it.  It may be 6 months to a year but I still go back to it and work on a few blocks.  They have started up the Jane Stickle quilt Yahoo group again where they list a block challenge each week.  I completed one today.  It's supposed to be appliqued but I took the short cut.  I'm not that crazy about applique.

 This is the pattern for block M7 Junko's Garden.

 I traced it onto fusible all in one piece and very carefully cut it out.

 I very carefully pulled the backing away and

lined it up and pressed it down.  
Now you tell me, would you have the patience's to try and applique those little pieces?
Not me.  I may add a stabilizer to the back and stitch around it at a later time but right now it's one more block completed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back Up and Running!!!

Living in the country is great but sometimes the internet service is not.  I have been without web service for about a month or more.  I can only use my phone or Ipad and I don't like to try and post to my blog with those.  Mainly I have been on Facebook but not much else.  I did join an online bible women's bible study using my Ipad because the discussions are on FB.

This morning I came out and looked at my art table and thought about the mess it was in,

and said, "I'm not ever going to be able to do anything on this table unless I clean it up."  So, what was the first thing I did?  I moved my desk.  I thought why not, my internet connection isn't working anyway.  Lo and behold, once I moved it, closer to a window, turned everything back on, I have access to the internet!!!!!!!!  Thank you Lord!!  Now, I don't know how long it will last but I might as well take advantage of it while I can.

I have been doing some sewing lately and will post about that later this week.  Right now, I've got to get that table cleaned so I can play around with some art journals.  I'm having withdrawals!

Have a blessed day and keep smiling!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I love roses and I'm always amazed at the way they look when they bloom.  Here are my first blooms of the year.

 This one is my favorite.  I just love the way the color fades to light from the tips of the bloom.

This one has the biggest blooms.  I have tried painting pictures of these roses for several years and I haven't gotten it correct yet.  I don't know why I have such a difficult time with them.  I especially like the rain drops that are showing on the pedals and leaves.  More rain is due to come today and I wanted to get these pictures before they were pelted with more rain.  Have a blessed day.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Beaded Bracelets

Okay, the other day I told you about my jewelry so today I'm showing you what I've done so far.  Back in March I found a couple of bead shops in Nashville.  That was a fun day, looking at all the beads.  I have beads but I needed thread and needles.  This is my first hand beaded bracelet.

I found the pattern on Beadshop.Com.  They have a great video channel and some patterns are free to print from their website.  I watched their videos and decided I wanted to try a different style.  More shopping! Came home, set up my Ipad so I could watch and work at the same time.  Came up with these bracelets.

They're not bad for first time weaving without a loom.  I will eventually redo the multi-colored ones because my tension is off.  Right now they are okay.  Then I went to a beading class where you use a Ricks Beading Loom with no warp threads when you are finish.  It was a little difficult in the beginning but I came home with this bracelet.

 Of course I came home with the loom and this is what I'm working on now.  I have a piece of black set under the threads so the pattern will show.  The loom is all wood construction.  If you're into beading, check out the websites I have linked, you might find something you like.