Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Oil Paintings

This is my first oil painting made last year. It is a picture of my husband Rick, and our friend. We were at their cottage in Bidderford Pool, Maine. They looked so restful sitting there reading the morning paper, that I could not resist taking the photo. Rick ask me to paint this one first. It was a great challange, but worth every minute.

This one is my first attempt with flowers. I think I should have tried a different one because I had a little trouble with it, but it turned out okay.

This is my mother's favorite. She said the butterfly looks like it could just fly off the canvas. She has this one hanging in her room at the nursing home.

This one is my original still life. I set the scene on my table using a lace shawl and wine made from our grapes. We use our own labels "K & R Vineyard". The background is taken from the backsplash in our kitchen. I painted this one October 2007. It works very well in our kitchen.

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Lynn said...

WOW, these are beautiful. You are very talented. Keep it up...