Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring is Near!

Every year I wait for the Canadian Geese to return to our ponds. We have one couple that always makes a nest around a big tree on the pond right behind our house. Well, yesterday they started making their nest. I was so excited that they have returned once again. They really work on this nest by pulling twigs, grasses and weeds. They also use their feathers to insulate the nest. It really is fun to watch the process of building the nest, laying the eggs, taking care of the eggs and finally the birth of the little ones. We have 4 ponds on our property and once the babies are here mom and dad start walking them from pond to pond. As the summer comes and they become bigger I get the pleasure of watching them try to fly, first by running and flapping their wings and then finally they are off. At fist it is only for a short distance and as they get stronger the distance gets further away, but they always return. Then one day in the fall they will take off and will not come back until next year which lets me know that winter is coming again. For now I have the joy of knowing that spring is near and I have the rest of the year to watch nature in motion. What a joy it is!

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