Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's Up?

This is Spanky on his bed and Molly sharing the blanket. Normally Spanky doesn't like for anyone to bother him, but I guess he is mellowing out in his old age.
Well, where do I begin since I last posted. I have been busy at church meetings, cleaning house and all the other normal routines. I have started new sewing projects and a new oil painting.
This week I have been with my mom at the hospital. She became quite ill on Monday and they rushed her to the hospital. She is still in intensive care, but hopefully she will be moved into a room tommorrow.
We have new 6 new calves born and the Canadian Goose is setting on her nest. Spring is definitely on its way.
Hopefully I will be back to my sewing studio by the end of the week, with new items to appear soon.

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