Thursday, July 9, 2009

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Have you ever stepped outside your comfort zone? I can say I did when I decided to take lessons in oil painting. Up until that day I had never drawn a picture, wanted to paint a picture or considered the fact that I could draw or paint. Now 3 years later painting is one of my favorite hobbies and each time I finish a painting I can't wait to pick something else to start working on. When my mother saw my first painting she said, "you must have some of my genes after all." She was the one that did all the art work, even up to the day she retired as a teacher's aide.

Now I am getting ready to take another step. For years, close to 20, Mom kept journals and I now have them. I have not read through all of them but I am going to start a memoir of my mother's words. With God's help and help from family and friends I am going to tackle a great task. I know there will be times when I will ask myself why she wrote that but I can get through it. Hopefully, in years to come this will become a treasure for my family.

Here is something she wrote in May 1981 which is the start of her journey.
"Who ever should take the time to sit and read this journal & the ones to follow, there was at no time any intention of causing any hurt to any one. The things that are written here are my thoughts & feelings. Sometimes they are not to great & sometimes I am down on everything & everyone."
And then she wrote:
"This is a journal about my family, friends & my thoughts as we slip through the days of the summer. They slip by so fast, we can't go back. Times maybe we wish that we could, but we can only have them just once & sometimes we lose more than we gain. We should treasure our time for it goes so quickly."

The day mother wrote this she was 51, she is now 78, still living but in a nursing home unable to walk. She has Parkinson's, Diabetes and the beginning of Alzheimer's. There are days she doesn't remember, but lately she has been good. I pray that I will be able to do justice to her thoughts and words.

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Betty J in OKC said...

Please take a tape-recorder with you and tape some of the answers to life's questions that your Mom answers.

My Mom's Alz is so advanced, she now uses one or two words occaisionally. I wish I'd recorded/video-d her back in the early stages.

Betty J from Stashbusters