Monday, January 11, 2010

Cell Phone Cover

Check this out! It's a cell phone cover I made for my friend Jana, to give to her mother. I had the pieces left over from a wall quilt. I added velcro inside to keep it closed and the ribbon so she can wear it around her neck. Her mom uses a walker and has trouble hanging on to her cell phone. Jana wanted something she could put around her neck and wear during the day. It's about 7" long and 4" wide. Her mother still sews and makes these hand towels that you can hang on your kitchen drawer handles.That's why I picked the lady with the pin cushion for the front. Hope she likes it!

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Mary said...

Oh my! That's really really pretty! How did you do that?Please share your how to's. I love Strawberry shortcake! Thanks so much in advance and more power to you!

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