Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting Started!

Instead of resolutions I try to learn something new for the year. That's how I got into oil painting and knitting. Well, I was thinking about this year and decided to pick up something I already have learn how to use it. So my choices are EQ5 and Masterworks, which I have had but never put into practice. This means more work on the computer but I hope to be able to create my own projects which will be a big step for me. I also want to work on old projects that I have started but not completed. I was working on a cross stitch piece last night and "dozed off". Ricky looked at me and said I would never get that finished if I kept going to sleep. Instead of continuing to work on it, I put it aside and took a nap. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Enough of that, so that is my plan for this year, what's yours? By the way, I appreciate the comments that I receive even though I don't always reply to them. Have a great day!

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Jackie said...

My plan for the year is to be conscious about the projects I have in progress and to have fun!