Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too Much Stuff

Have you ever had so much that you wanted to do but just couldn't find the time for all of it? That is my biggest problem. I love to make quilts on a daily basis. I go to an art studio and oil paint once a week and sometimes I paint at home. I am sending birthday cards, which I like to make, to all of my family and friends this year. I do some type of hand work at night while I watch TV. The one thing I can't seem to find time to do is scrapbooking. I have a lot of pictures and all of the supplies but the time just doesn't come. I was thinking about this last week and wondering how to get this done. I'm still thinking but would love some input if you have it. Maybe I can include this hobby in my "payment for playing", you know, the exercise. Oh,Oh, I know! I can treat it like a challenge. I am in a couple of quilt groups that offer a weekly challenge to complete a quilt block. I think I will try to add a challenge to myself to complete a page or two per week. Isn't it amazing how talking with friends will bring ideas to you? Thanks for listening! I'll let you know how well I do. Off to work and play so have a good day!


Jackie said...

I knit, stitch, and quilt in addition to working more than full time. It's hard for me to sew/quilt on a workday so I save that for Sundays. I knit and stitch throughout the week as the mood strikes me. If any of it starts to feel like I have a deadline, I stop. I have enough of that at work and this is supposed to be FUN!

Quilter Kathy said...

I too find it difficult to find enough hours in my days to do everything I want to do. I never accomplish as much as I dream of, and have to practise being content with what I am able to accomplish.
There are definately not enough weeks in a year, or years in a lifetime to finish all the quilts I have already started!!