Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a mess!

Well, this morning I attempted quilting with a panto pattern and all I can say is what a mess. I used a small banner quilt I put together and tried the stars but I'm not sure that's what they look like. The good thing is the fabric hides a lot of the stars which is okay with me. I think I will put together a whole cloth quilt so I will have plenty to practice with. Anyway, I know you have to walk before you run.

That leads me to how nice it is to see the sun shining today. Temps are going up so I will be able to get back out there and walk today. Here's a question for you, why do people, me included, that have exercise equipment in their house always find other things to do instead of using them? I don't mind walking in 40 degree weather but I won't walk upstairs and get on the treadmill. I must have a serious conversation with myself about getting motivated.

I am now going to work on some of my quilt pieces and do I have a lot to put together. I'm working on 2 bed size quilts and this year I want to try hand piecing Quilted Diamonds by Linda Franz. If I would just get as excited about exercise as I do about quilting. Oh well.
I'll work on it, gotta go! See ya later!

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Jackie said...

Excitement about exercise? I too wish I could get excited over exercise. I'm not sure it will ever happen but I keep hoping it does. In the meantime, I go in and out of an exercise routine.