Friday, February 12, 2010

Waiting for Warm Weather!

I will be so glad when Spring gets here. I know our winter is not as bad as other areas (thank goodness for that), but I think I'm about over the cold and snow. I want to see trees budding and flowers blooming. I guess you can tell it's just one of those gloomy days here at home. Enough of that, Valentine's Day is Sunday and I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. Ricky ask me last night what I wanted and usually I say nothing, but this time I said a 2 carat diamond ring, a diamond watch, a weekend getaway, and I just went on and on about "stuff". It caught him off guard and he had no reply. I really thought it was funny. Actually, I am so blessed with my life that I don't need anything. I just hope for peace in the world and less worry for everyone. See ya later, gotta go!

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