Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What a wonderful afternoon!

I am sitting on my porch, listening to the birds & wind chimes while Ricky finishes the yard work and let me tell ya it is absolutely beautiful out here. The sun is shining, a little breeze and spring is in the air. By the end of the week our temps should be close to 80. After art class I stopped and picked up a couple of steaks and we plan on grilling this evening. You should see Ricky, he has our 3 Yorkies and or Dachshund on the gator with him while he sweeps the yard. They just love to ride while he works. Benji the oldest yorkie usually stands on the back and barks at everything. I think he is telling all the others that he's in charge. It is so peaceful here and I am truly blessed to have the life I do. If my foot was out of this "boot" I would be out there walking and really enjoying the view. I go back to the Dr. next week and hope to be through with this thing. Enjoy you day!

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Jackie said...

You just have to get a picture of the pups on the gator! How cute is that?!