Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Scrapbooking Again!!!

I'm so excited!  I now have space to scrapbook again! 

Notice that rolling cart beside my table, I purchased it over the weekend.  It holds all my scrapbook supplies which allowed me to clean off the table.  All I have to do now is roll it around to the side and I have everything I need right there.  I even added pictures to five pages this afternoon.  Now I get to work on my albums again.  Yahoo!!!


Jackie said...

Scrapbooking is something I want to do one day - card making too. I'm glad you're back to it. It looks like you have a nice setup!

Bettyann Schmidt said...

I love your space. A lot neater than mine. I've got built-in shelves behind my table, which means I have to turn around a lot, which means I have a lot on top of the table. I guess I need one of thos carts, but then what would I put on the shelves, lol. Books? What a concept.