Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Completed Paintings!

Today I completed 2 of my oil paintings.  I have them posted on "My Paintings" page as well as here.

"Eagle Pride"
I found a picture on the internet that just touched my heart. I wanted something that would make you think about our country when you looked at it and to me this one says it all. 

This is an original titled "Last Rose of Summer".  I distorted the background on this on so the rose itself would pop off the canvas.  I am proud of the way both of these have turned out.

I have also added a new original work in progress titled "Coastline at Tulum".  I have another one going as well that is a picture of a sunset I made in Tucson AZ.  Watch for it in the future.

Not much else going on lately due to problems with allergies.  Maybe I can get back in the groove soon. Have a good one!

Monday, July 19, 2010

isn't She Cute!

This is Tipper!  She's our new pup, yes pup just 4 months old, that I found on the road last month. She is a mix of Lab and Border Collie.

I just had to take these pictures because she is just so funny. I thought she was burying something but not true.

I told Ricky she was digging her way to China. But when I got her attention and she looked up this is what I found.

She was in the pond before she started digging, so obviously her face, feet and legs were covered in mulch.  I had to put her in her outside tub to get her cleaned off.  Yes, she loves the water, especially the mist setting on the hosepipe.

Here she is loving the cat!  They play together alot!

The day I found her was about one week after we had to put our Healer down.  We had him for 15 years and it was not an easy thing to do.  But, then I took a walk one morning and here comes this little black and white pup out from inside a pipe that runs under the road.  I told Ricky, it was God's will because any other time I would not have been there or she would not have came out.  We love her to pieces and she has really brought some laughter back into the home.  You just never know what's going to come your way.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Want Me to Make What?!!!?

While having lunch with Ricky today he said, "I want you to build something for me."  Build something?  "Yes, I want you to build me a tube that will go around my cow rubs."  Then he said, "I really need 3 of them."  You know, he has ask me to make things for him before, like window covers for his Jeep, covers for his music amps and a blanket to put up inside his plane in the winter, but this one, I think, takes the cake.  Cow rubs!!! 

I told him I had just received some fabric from a neighbor and thought that I had what he needed.  If not I can go buy it.  Yeah, more material!!!

So off I go to the barn to measure the rub. It needs to be about 10ft long and 17" around.  Once I get it made he will soak it in diesel fuel and a liquid for flies, hang it, and then when the cows go under it they will get it on their faces and it will keep the flies off and they won't get pink eye. 

I never know what he will ask me to do but it's nice to know that I can help him, even though he could probably buy what he needs.  After all, he has made things for my studio that has saved me time and money so it turns out to be an even swap.  I love life on the farm!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thread Box?

A friend stopped by yesterday and gave me some sewing items.  Among them was this box. I have never seen one like this so I was pretty excited to get it.

When I opened it I found all this thread, some of which I have never heard of.  Are you familiar with Ivory Brand.  All of the Ivory thread is on small wooden spools.

I think this is the neatest item I have received in a long time.  I like collecting antique and old sewing items and am very grateful for receiving this one.