Monday, November 8, 2010

Where Have You Been?

Actually, I haven't been anywhere, just not blogging.  Oh, I'm still painting, sewing, quilting, and doing other things I just don't get online that much.  One thing I did was move the computer out of my studio.  I felt that I was spending too much time online so I moved it back into the house and put it upstairs in our spare room.

I think I talked about a fracture in my foot, back in the early part of the year.  Well, luck would have it I torn a ligament in the same foot and was back in a boot for another 6 weeks.  Now, I'm boot free but not back to walking for exercise.  I also spent about 8 weeks on meds for bronchitis.  Ricky had to have stitches due to a run-in with a tree limb, while he was doing some dozier work.  He was very lucky, an inch or two and he would be without an eye right now.  Enough about the bad, now for the good.

We are well, able to do what we want each day and living on the farm is good, thank you Lord!

I don't know how often I will post but I hope to keep up with everyone on a regular basis.  I have missed reading about the blogs I follow, you're kinda like extended family.  Hope all has been well with everyone and I'll chat again later.  (Note: I am using the laptop, in the kitchen, to send this.  On my out to my studio to work on some quilts.)  Have a great day!

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