Friday, April 8, 2011

New Spring Wreaths

Yesterday was a beautiful day and I managed to accomplish quite a bit.  I made this wreath for the front of the house.

                                            And I made this one for the side of our patio.

I almost finished my quilt that is on my longarm but started running into problems with my top thread breaking so I quit for the day.  I find that it's better to walk away from things like that instead of continually trying to fix a small problem which sends my frustration level up.  I decided to take my dog Tipper for a ride on the Gator.  She really likes that, so we drove up to our other farm to see what kind of progress Ricky was making on cleaning out the fence row.  It was a short ride but it gave me time to forget about the thread problem and just enjoy the afternoon.  I'm off this morning to visit Mom, do a little shopping (looking is more like it) and then back home for another great spring day. 

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