Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things are busy around here!

It's that time of year when Ricky and I have our annual BBQ and we have been busy as little bees getting everything ready.  We have cleaned & painted, mowed & cut and purchased all the supplies, I think, that we will need.  We hope to have around 150 people come and enjoy good food, hayrides and good fellowship.  After Saturday, actually Sunday afternoon clean up, we will be able to take a breather and enjoy the fall weather coming. 

I have 3 quilts in the works and 3 paintings so I should be able to stay busy but it will be a relaxing busy not the hurry up get it done kind.  I will post a picture of  the front of my studio for you to see.  I have made a few changes and I just love it!  Have a wonderful evening!

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