Monday, September 26, 2011

Umbrella and Beach Chair

I have just added 2 new paintings to my page.  They are a set I painted for an art show but was unable to attend.  Check them out on My Art Work page.

We had a wonderful day for the BBQ and had a great turn out but, as usual I got so busy I forgot to take pictures.  I'm think some of our friends did and I hope they can send me copies.  I think this year was the best one ever.  Now that it's over I can get down to business with my quilting. 

I'm getting ready to work on one of Bonnie Hunter's patterns that I have about half way through.  It's called Blue Ridge Beauty and I have all 448 4 patches finished along with the 448 half sqs done.  Now I just have to put them together to make the blocks.  Have a great day and stay happy!

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Vic in NH said...

Ahhh, now comes the Blue Ridge Beauty question; did you, or did you not, include a few aqua (or turquoise or teal) fabrics in your blues? I chose to put in very little aqua, but it is present.
I love your blog because you keep your brushes wet and your bobbins filled! LOL!