Friday, October 28, 2011

I Saved My Yarn

One day this week I woke up, poured a cup of coffee, went into the living room ready for a peaceful morning when I notice strands of my knitting yarn laying on the stairs.  Well, of course I had to follow to see where it ended up.  Cotton, our 3 month old cat, had taken it out of my bag, carried it up stairs and wrapped it around the railing, not once but twice.  I knew then I would have to find something else to keep my yarn in.  The other day I found it at Tuesday Morning.  I love that store!

It's the cutest storage box I have seen in a while.  Now I can keep my yarns out of Cottons paws.

 I don't have all my yarn in it, only what I'm working with at the time. The rest I keep in my cottage, but this holds everything I need and the fun yarn can be pulled out with the top closed. This is the best find I have made in a long time. If your not familiar with Tuesday Morning, check out their website where you can find a store near you or shop online. Tuesday Morning

Life is a journey, roll down the window and enjoy the breeze!
Have a blessed day!

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