Thursday, October 27, 2011

Memory Quilt Finished

I have finished Mom's quilt. I put the binding on it today and plan on running it through the wash to soften it up a little.   Next on the list is to finish one of Bonnie Hunter's quilts that I have been working on for too long now.  This is part of the blocks.

I finished the half sq triangles today.  Now, I've got to press all some of the 4 patches and most of the half sqs.   Then it's sewing the blocks together.  I am determined to get this one done, the sooner the better.
Life is a journey, roll down the window and enjoy the breeze!
Have a blessed day!


Vic in NH said...

How wonderful to have your mom's memory quilt done!
My mom lost her battle with dementia late in 2007. Even when she was unable to recognize who I was, she valued the lavender sachets that I sewed for her out of her quilt's scraps.
They say that our sense of smell is one of the last things to stop working. It made me feel better to see her still get pleasure from them.
I admire your finish.

The 2 Spies said...

I love the memory quit! what a precious gift for your Mom.. and you! I also like your colors for Bonnie's quilt... which one are you doing? Is it 4-ptach and Furrows? (I'm finishing that one up in reds and blues)
Jerusalem, Israel

merrily row said...

I saw your post on quiltville. I wish I had an answer. I am making a blue ridge beauty for my sister-in-law using my brother's shirts. He passed in May. I am STILL making HST and have not got the first block together.

So I will be watching to see what you learned. Lovey blog, btw.