Friday, October 14, 2011

Surprise! Surprise!

I came in from my studio, for lunch, and found my washer on the "fritz".  Ricky came in and we emptied the water, cleaned it out and he said to start it again, so I did, but it's not pulling the water out!  God love him, he left saying what a great job he had done, but I'm here with wet clothes and a washer that won't work.  So goes the days of my life at R and K Farm.

I'll just head back to my studio and as Scarlett would say, I'll think about it tomorrow, or later when Ricky gets back home.

Life is a journey, roll down the window and enjoy the breeze!
Have a blessed day! 


Karen said...

Always something!!!!

Jackie said...

Our washer just broke too. Only 4 years old and not repairable. Ugh! I hope your issue doesn't require replacement.

Kathleen said...

I called the repair man yesterday, hopefully he will call me back today. Until then things will have to pile up.

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Kathleen,
I sure am glad it is working--that is a relief and a blessing, for sure!

I hope you really enjoyed the books--and thank you SO much for posting them to Facebook--that was so sweet of you!

I hope you got my email about the blog buttons. If you need one let me know--I have some really cute ideas in mind.

Wishing you a happy weekend!