Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

Today I will not be linking to Melody for Tuesday Treasure.  One of her close friends lost their son at the age of 27.  When I read her post she ask that everyone tell your family that you love them because life is not predictable and we never know what will happen.  I immediately thought of the plane crash on Thanksgiving day, in Arizona, that took the lives of 6 people. A father and his 3 children were among the 6.  When tragedies like this happen the first thing we do is ask why.  We will never get the answer to that question but we can be comforted by the thought that God will take care of us and our families.

Ricky and I say we love each other everyday, especially when one leaves to go somewhere.   So my Tuesday Treasure is a prayer that all who are hurting, due to any kind of situation, will find comfort in Gods love. 

Life is a journey, roll down the window and enjoy the breeze!
Have a blessed day!


Melody said...

Such a beautiful post, Kathleen

Michelle Ridgway said...

Lovely Kathleen and I echo your prayers.