Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Little Helper

As we all know, this time of year is very busy.  I finally found a day when I could work in my studio and was able to get a lot accomplished, even though I have nothing to show for it.  But, I did take time to capture a couple of pictures of Cotton, my little helper. 
I'm not sure exactly what kind of help he was trying to do.  I believe he wanted to clean out the pot of dried leaves or maybe a little extra dirt. 

He seemed to have a lot of fun and actually did not make a big mess.  He found a couple of rocks that I had in the dirt and pushed one out on the floor and played with it until he got tired and decided to take a nap.  Maybe next post I will have some work completed worth showing but for now, have a great day and enjoy the little helpers in your life.

Life is a journey, roll down the window and enjoy the breeze! Have a blessed day!


Kelli said...

What a great helper you have.. so cute! :)

Melody said...

What a little cutie-pie

Vic in NH said...

Cotton is a real character! Our pets add so much to our lives.

Tanya said...

i think your little helper is extra cute