Friday, January 27, 2012

Spectacular Sunrise

Wow, I have just got to share this with you.  Wednesday morning I woke up early, about 4:30, don't ask why, I just do that sometimes.  I actually enjoy early mornings, sometimes, anyway I stepped out on my back porch right before daylight and this is what I saw.

I was in awe at this view.  I admit I have some wonderful sunsets, but this sunrise was spectacular.  The bright color of the sun coming through the clouds with the darkness of the trees just took my breath.  I think this quote sums it up for me. "With each new dawn it's as if God smiles from heaven, saying, "Hope again...hope again."

May your dreams take you to the corner of your smiles. Have a blessed day.


Melody said...

Amazing, so glad you took a picture and shared it's beauty.

Elly D said...

What an amazing sunrise!
You have a beautiful blog Kathleen and a studio that is oh so cute and I'm green with envy ;)) Love your angels, they are treasures indeed.