Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Classes

As you all are aware, I am working on this Book of Days Art Journal and you know how I am having fits with drawing faces.   I also have trouble writing due to hand tremors (doc says they are instinct tremors caused from too much adrenalin flowing through my brain).  Anyway, through my association with other women in found to online courses. 

One is Letter Love 101 offered by Joanne Sharpe.  This is course is all about creating letters in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  I pray that it will help me in controlling my tremors and allow me to write my words with ease.  Thank you Pippa for posting about on your blog. 

The other course is Art, Heart and Healing that is offered by Tamara Laporte.  This course is about creating journal pages in mixed media.  In the first lesson she offers instructions on creating a front face portrait as well as tips on shading, etc.  Thanks to Tralasong for giving me info on Tamara.

I am very excited about these classes and with faith and determination I will reach my goal. 
If you don't climb the mountain, you can't view the plain.


Vic in NH said...

Good to see that you are staying busy pursuing self-actualization goals. Keep up the good work! I had good luck with the book, "Drawing From The Right Side Of Your Brain" which your library can get for you.

skye said...

Congratulations on pursuing the classes, they sound great!
And (as a NeuroMusular & CranioSacral Therapist) there may well be hope to decrease or eliminate your tremors.
You can read about what the therapies entail (these are hands on work to decrease spasticity & trigger points in the soft tissue & to normalize the central nervous system) & find a therapist in your area at the directory at
Many blessings to you on both journeys!

Myrtle said...

We have a Cranio Sacral massage therapist in Springfield. Christy at Total Touch, but I wonder if Acupuncture would help. It helps me with myalgia symptoms. I go to East Nashville Community Acupuncture on the corner of Cleveland and Gallitin Road. Alexa Hulsey is the owner and principle acupunturist.

Myrtle said...

Here's the link.