Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Natures Voice

Here I am sitting on my patio,having coffee, listening to the birds on a quiet Wednesday morning. It's that time before everything starts stirring and life gets to busy. To notice anything. There's a soft breeze blowing through the willow tree and I pause for a moment to listen to the voice of nature. I just heard a little humming bird. They have a very unique sound. It won't be long before they all rerun and greet me every morning with their song and dance. The red birds are flying, the geese are talking and the doves are cooing. As I listen to all of nature I can't help but wonder how some can think there is no God. What silence and stillness there would be without the birds singing and without the wind that sings through the trees saying listen, listen, listen to me. Open your heart and feel my love for I have made this day for you. Thank you God for giving me this day and your voice of nature.

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Vic in NH said...

What a lovely prayer of gratitude you have written here. Thank you for sharing it with the world.