Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pets Are Our Children

I wrote this in my journal this morning.  Waiting at the vet with Rachel, my Yorkie.

"Rachel" taken about 4 yrs. ago

She has been sick for at least 24 hours.  Probably has pancreatitis.  It's amazing how a Vets office is so much like a Pediatrician's office.  People bringing in their "kids" to be checked out by the doctor.  Temperature check, listen to breathing and heart. Waiting for results from blood work.  All the time while Rachel is climbing up and down, not wanting to be there but not knowing where to go.  Our pets are just like our children.  We worry about them, get up all hours of the night with them and as soon as the Vet's office is open we are right there ready for the doctor to help make them feel better. 

Confirmed pancreatitis, so she had a shot. and we came home with antibiotics and anti-nausea medicine.  I have stayed in the house with her today to watch her.  I hope tomorrow will be better for her because she sure has been sick.
If you don't climb the mountain, you can't view the plain.


Melody said...

Poor little Rachel. They are like little children because they don't understand why they feel so bad. Hope she is 100% recovered very very soon.

Jackie said...

I hope Rachel is feeling much better by now. I've heard that pancreatitis can be really really tough. My two love the vet but it took Cody a while to get excited to go after he'd been sick and needed a lot of vet care. Any idea what caused Rachel's pancreatitis?