Saturday, November 10, 2012

Five Quilt Blocks

Wow, I have got to get busy.  I have been out of my studio for awhile due to my mother's illness and things have really been stacking up.  Here's what I'm getting ready to work on.

Five blocks from my Chocolate Truffles block of the month.  It's hard to believe I will have another completed quilt by the first of the year.

I had a free day last week and spent it all on cleaning and rearranging my studio.  I have moved things around more times than I care to say.  I am always thinking about the layout and how it can better serve my needs.  This time I think I have it.  I moved my sewing area closer to my fabric baskets.

This gives me access to everything I need to create my quilts and fiber art without moving around too much.  My longarm machine is still in the middle of the room. 

Then I moved all of my art supplies and art desk to the front of the room.

I have the sunlight from the window and I get to watch the dogs playing in the yard or the birds eating from their feeders. I really like this arrangement because I can leave my paints out and not worry about getting them on my fabric.  I was using my cutting table as a table for my paints and I had to be very careful about cleaning and moving fabrics.  Now my cutting table is strictly for my fabrics.

That left my other desk with my computer, so I moved it to the wall just as you come in the door.

Now I have 3 separate areas to work in and I love it.  I put my computer and printer on an extra sewing table that I used to keep my Serger and Felting machine on.  I have moved my machines under my long arm and I can set them up on my other sewing table when I need them. 

Today, I will do my best to be about the business of angels.

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Vic in NH said...

Your light and airy creative space is enviable and you have done a fine job of organizing it! Now to just dive right in to those delicious Chocolate Truffles. Go sew! LOL!