Saturday, December 1, 2012

Following God

Right now I'm watching my Mother sleep. She is in a step down unit of ICU. Every few minutes her monitor will go off. One time it's her heart rate, next time it's her respiration and next time it could be her oxygen level.

She is 82 and since her birthday in August her health has taken a turn. It's kinda' like she has been traveling in one direction and all of a sudden decided she wanted to turn around and go another way, but this time her pathway seems to be to God.

Yesterday my sister in law, Linda, stayed with her, while I went home to rest. This morning we were talking and Linda said mother did a lot of dreaming yesterday. One time she woke up and they were talking about her dream. Mom said she was following someone. Linda ask her who she was following and mom said God. Linda told her that if she had to follow anyone that God would be the one. Mom said she couldn't keep up and lost Him. Linda told her that God must have not been ready for her yet.

I know she is tired and I don't know if she is strong enough to recover but I am at peace knowing where she will be walking after she leaves this earth. Since she hasn't walked in 6 years my guess is she will be running.


Debbie said...

Kat, your attitude is wonderful during this trying time. At Bible study this week, 2 gals sang a song to end our study. The words of the chorus are beautiful, yet I now have a pure picture of what they mean...
I'm running to your arms, running to your arms.
Nothing compares to your embrace, Light of the world so full of grace.

The rest I do not remember, but I think I am to pass this small part on to you. Hugs.

Melody said...

I'm keeping you and your mum in my thoughts.

cityquilter grace said...

it is a comfort to know the aunt died in november and we, too, rejoiced in knowing where she was going.