Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Small Graces and a Positive Post

The first of the year I started writing a positive post, everyday, on my church Facebook page. I made it through May. Somehow, I seemed to have lost my spirit. I was struggling within myself thinking it wasn't making a difference, no one cared, so why do it? I found this wonderful book titled "Small Graces" by Kent Nerburn. This was on the inside cover. "Small Graces reminds us to chart a course each day that nourishes the soul, honors the body, and engages the mind".

I realized that I was the one missing out. I needed the positive posts to get my day going and my prayer is that someone else may be touched by reading them. Yesterday, I started them again. Today, I want to share it with you.

On my patio this morning, reading this passage.  "A thin shaft of lavender has creased the horizon, setting the edges of the trees on fire with morning light.  I pause and bow my head.  For this brief moment, I am held in the hand of God, and I am sent forth into the morning with poetry of possibility beating in my heart."

Taken from Small Graces by Ken Nerburn

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Melody said...

Such a lovely post and a great idea.