Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Abby's First Quilt

What a fun day I had with my granddaughter, Abby.  Usually when she comes I let her hang out on the couch, watching TV or playing on the computer.  Yesterday I decided we were spending the day in my studio.  I told her she could paint, draw, make an art journal or sew.  She started looking around at everything and found this bug fabric I had.  I told her she could make a quilt out of it if she wanted to and that was all it took.

I set her up on a machine, gave her a scrap piece to practice on while I cut the strips.  Once that was done I had her chain piecing her blocks and sashing.  Then she would press them out.

She would put her blocks back up on the wall to make sure they were in the correct order.  Then we would take a set down and she would go back to sewing.  I did not fuse with her about the seams being absolutely perfect.  I wanted her to have fun and enjoy the process.  There were a few times I had to remove some stitches and let her redo the seam. She had to add a strip on one side to make a row wide enough but all in all she did a great job.

She was so excited and patiently waited for her mom to come and see what she had done.  The she told her since she had saved her money she wanted to buy a machine and start sewing.  The next time she comes she is adding the borders and then I will quilt it for her.  We had a great day together, one I will remember for a long time.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Country Walk

Living in the country has always been a blessing to me.  The other day I decided to take a walk around the road from my house.  I guess it's about 3 miles.  I have started reading a book titled Inner Excavate by Liz Lamoreux.  In the first section she talks about recording your day with pictures.  So off I go with my camera to see what I can see.

I get about 1/2 mile away and low and behold I see this.

A group of turkeys, out for a walk.  One mama was leading the pack and there were 2 or 3 other moms in the group.

 They were crossing the road from our pond to the corn field.  I thought they were so cute, out for their morning stroll just like me.

 I get a little further down the road and see a few of our cows.  They were out grazing in the morning sun.

As I walked on past our fields and around the road I noticed butterflies in the field.  I zoomed it with my camera and tried to catch them on the flowers.  That's not an easy task to do.

 This little guy always watches me as I walk past his field.  This picture will eventually become one of my oil paintings.
 Just a little ways up and this one was in the road.  There is a pair that my neighbor feeds in her front yard. 
 Now, this was not my favorite sight.  I zoomed in on this "chicken snake" so I could get the picture.  Let me tell ya, I made sure I could get out of the way if  it decided to move.  It stayed very still, I guess it didn't want me around it either.

Now I'm back home and Dusty was hanging around one of Ricky's old tractors.  You know, I have walked that road many a day and never noticed a thing.  It just showed me how much I miss by not taking the time to enjoy the view.  So get out there and enjoy the day.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minnie Mouse

About 3 weeks ago my neighbor came by.  Usually he stops to talk with Ricky about cows, tractors or anything else farm related.  Not that day.  He walked right past Ricky and into the house to talk to me.  He told me all about his new grand-daughter that had just been born the day before.  Now mind you, he doesn't miss a detail.  Not that I minded, it was just a little unusual to hear him talking about a baby delivery.

Anyway, after all that was done he ask if I would make him a baby quilt.  Before I knew it I said sure, I can manage that.  You see, I was thinking about the fabric I already had that I could use.  Then he hit me with the d├ęcor.  The parents have her room decorated in Minnie Mouse.  Do you know how hard it is to find Minnie Mouse fabric?

I found this sweet print at Equilter.com.  I then added other fabric that I had in my stash.  When he ask me about the quilt he also ask if I could embroider her name on it.  Of course I said I would.  Well, here it is, all pieced together.

It's up on my design wall while I decide if it needs borders.  Right now I'm thinking no but what do you think?  I am going to use the black for the binding.  I have enough of the print to use as the backing.  Maybe the solid red/fuchsia in a 3 in border would pull it all together.  What would you do?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hand Quilting and Golf

Today I'm staying in the cool of my air conditioner. It's a great day for hand quilting. I'm working on this old top for my sister-in-law.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Fabric

Found this great fabric at Hancock's. Curtains and chair covers for my studio are in the works. Updates will be coming soon. Stay cool out there,

Claiming my blog

I'm trying to claim my blog.  Hope this works.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Passing It On

This month has been a difficult one for Ricky, myself and our family.  We lost his mom on Sunday, June 30th to Leukemia.  She was a great mom to 6 boys and 1 girl.  She was the one that helped spark my interest in quilting back in 1995 after we married.

Yesterday we all met at her house so they could decide what to do with her things.  I mentioned to Ricky that I would love to have any quilting items that she had. 

I was sitting on the front porch with 2 of my sister-in-laws and Ricky came out with this shoe box. 

It was full of thread and a few other items like quilt pencils and that small lint roller.  There's no telling how many times she has used that thing to pick lint off of her quilts.  A few minutes later he's back out there with this.

Martha's sewing basket.  It still has quilt pieces in it from the last quilt she made.  I don't know if you're familiar with those precut pieces you could find at flee markets or not, but that is what is in there.  I think they were cut from sheeting fabric. 

The best surprise was the quilt that she made from that set.  When we got ready to leave Ricky came out with that quilt.  He said I should add it to my collection.  I'm going to clean it before I take a picture.  It's a Dresden Plate and she used black thread for the blanket stitch around each block.

I am honored to have just a part of her and will cherish her memory for years to come.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Digital or Paper?

Boy, have I been a busy bee today.  Not sewing anything but cleaning up computer files.  I had so much "stuff" that I didn't realize that I had purchased a video workshop last year and never watched the videos.  And to top that off, I just purchased it again this last night along.  Now that's just stupid on my part. 

Then I subscribed to one digital copy of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  I love this magazine but I had let my printed subscription lapse so I thought I would give digital a try.

 I placed the order, found my Ipad and thought I would be able to get an "app for that" but no can do.  I have to get on the Internet and login which isn't a big deal but after I do that the tops of the pages are cut off.

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have printed magazines.  So they take up space, but I like pulling them out and thumbing through the pages sometimes.  I don't mind reading novels or other books from my Kindle or Ipad but magazines, to me, are different.

What's your preference?  I would really like to know and if you haven't heard about Machine Quilting magazine, check it out.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Rocky Road

I have completed my last block of the month for A Chocolate Sampler quilt.  I really love the colors that have been used in this block.

I opened up my Finishing Kit #1 and what did I find inside?  Instructions for another 12, yes 12 blocks called Mocha Meltaway.  They are my setting blocks plus I need 4 corner blocks. 

The great thing about it is they added a recipe for Mocha Meltaways.  Once I get a few of the blocks worked up I will post a picture and as a bonus I will share the recipe with you.  It sounds yummy. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

HALLELUJAH!!!!! Step 1 Done!

Hallelujah! hallelujah, hallelujah!!  I have FINALLY FINISHED step 1 on my Double Delight quilt.  This was a mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter in 2008. 

I think I started this quilt sometime last year or the year before.  I really can't remember but I have been working it as a leader and ender for a long time.  Yesterday I came into my studio and decided to finish it.  So, I worked on it all day yesterday.  Pinned a few of the last triangles last night and finished the sewing today. 

I just pulled Step 2 and I said "oh yuk"!  Another 120 square in a square blocks.  I guess I will be cutting fabric for awhile.  I need 480 2.5" half square triangles and 120 2.58" squares. 

Oh well,  I can use one of my other projects for leaders and enders.  I have 2 more of Bonnie's quilts in the works.  One is Orca Bay and the other is Easy Street.  Surely I can find something to work on.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Chocolate Turtles

Just finished this block. I have one more to go and then I can start working on putting the whole quilt together. This was a block of the month from last year so I'm pretty excited to get it finished.

Coolin' Off

It has been in the 90's here lately, which is better than other areas of the country but worse than some.  You never know what our dogs, Tipper and Charlie, are going to do.  A few weeks back I caught them in Ricky's truck.

I was doing some yard work or something and the next thing I see are the dogs in the truck.  It's like they're saying come on, let's go for a ride.  They sat there for the longest time, just waiting.

Then on a walk to the barn they headed out to the pond. 

This was one of many trips to the pond they made that day.  I have to be very careful when I open the door to let them in.  They could be soaking wet, run in the house and head straight for the couch.  Then off the couch and through the house all the time I'm trying to get them out the door.  It's like a game they play with me when they do that.  God love em', it is funny after I think about it.

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