Thursday, July 11, 2013

Digital or Paper?

Boy, have I been a busy bee today.  Not sewing anything but cleaning up computer files.  I had so much "stuff" that I didn't realize that I had purchased a video workshop last year and never watched the videos.  And to top that off, I just purchased it again this last night along.  Now that's just stupid on my part. 

Then I subscribed to one digital copy of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  I love this magazine but I had let my printed subscription lapse so I thought I would give digital a try.

 I placed the order, found my Ipad and thought I would be able to get an "app for that" but no can do.  I have to get on the Internet and login which isn't a big deal but after I do that the tops of the pages are cut off.

I have come to the conclusion that I would rather have printed magazines.  So they take up space, but I like pulling them out and thumbing through the pages sometimes.  I don't mind reading novels or other books from my Kindle or Ipad but magazines, to me, are different.

What's your preference?  I would really like to know and if you haven't heard about Machine Quilting magazine, check it out.

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