Tuesday, July 9, 2013

HALLELUJAH!!!!! Step 1 Done!

Hallelujah! hallelujah, hallelujah!!  I have FINALLY FINISHED step 1 on my Double Delight quilt.  This was a mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter in 2008. 

I think I started this quilt sometime last year or the year before.  I really can't remember but I have been working it as a leader and ender for a long time.  Yesterday I came into my studio and decided to finish it.  So, I worked on it all day yesterday.  Pinned a few of the last triangles last night and finished the sewing today. 

I just pulled Step 2 and I said "oh yuk"!  Another 120 square in a square blocks.  I guess I will be cutting fabric for awhile.  I need 480 2.5" half square triangles and 120 2.58" squares. 

Oh well,  I can use one of my other projects for leaders and enders.  I have 2 more of Bonnie's quilts in the works.  One is Orca Bay and the other is Easy Street.  Surely I can find something to work on.

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