Thursday, August 29, 2013

Family Memories

Last night I attended a Memorial Service for Wayne Hinkle, my cousin.  It was an emotional time for the family but all in all everything went well.  Our church provided a dinner following the service which gave the family time to sit, enjoy each others company and remember good times they shared.

This morning I changed the covers on our bed and without even thinking about last night I pulled out this quilt to use as a cover.

Now, I guess your wondering what this has to do with Wayne's passing.  Actually a lot.  The fabric from this quilt was given to me by his sister, Phyllis.  She was certainly a "pistol" and was constantly doing things for our church.  She offered it to me so I could make a quilt for our church auction.  This might have been about the 3rd one I ever made.

And then I had to get it quilted and where did I go for that?  I took it to my Aunt Laura, Wayne & Phyllis's mother.  She was my dad's sister and hand quilted for years.  Now, here's the kicker to this story.  The quilt was put in the church auction.  My husband, Ricky, had someone bidding on it, without my knowledge.  He wanted me to have it because of the family ties. He knew how hard I had worked on it and how much time my Aunt Laura had put into it and today it has brought those family ties full circle.

I haven't had this quilt out for a long time.  Mainly because it is just big enough to cover the top and normally I like larger quilts.  As I laid it on the bed I stood there looking at it, all these memories came flooding back into my mind.  Our loved ones may be gone but they will never be forgotten and sometimes just the everyday task you do will bring them back to you, when you least expect it.

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Jackie said...

So sorry to hear about the passing of your cousin Wayne. How wonderful to have a quilt that weaves such wonderful family memories into it!