Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finishing Her Quilt

Abby is back today.  She called me last night all "giggly" and ask if she could come and finish her quilt.  How could I resist, she sounded so excited.  I picked her up at 7:15 this morning.  After breakfast we came out to the studio and started working.

 Today she is adding the borders to her quilt.  Here she is pinning it together.

Now she is pressing what she just pieced together.  There is a break in the sewing.  Abby is ripping stitches out where she "messed up".  She has decided to make 12" squares for the back of the quilt.  That way she will have one that is reversible.

Now for my excitement.  I just received this book.  I watched a video about Lauren Vlcek on
The Quilt Show.  Lauren makes some beautiful dolls and embellished shrines.  She is teaching a class on the Quilt Show about painting faces on fabric.  I have always wanted to work with fabric dolls and thought this would be a good jumping off place.  There are 3 other artists included in the book and they offer over 50 techniques.

You can read more about Lauren and see her beautiful work here AnLiNa Designs.


Dionne the Tea Priestess said...

I loved quilting! I used to quilt when we lived in Germany and for a while once we got back to the states but then I just fell away from it. Now I knit but I still have some of the quilts I made and think of returning to it at some time in the future.

Julia said...

What an amazing experience for Abby.

Twyla and Lindsey said...

I think it's awesome your granddaughter is making a quilt! Twyla