Sunday, August 4, 2013

God's Presence

Today it is beautiful outside.  The sun is shining, it's not to hot, the sky is blue and all looks well.  That's on the outside but what about the inside?  Just how much do we hold on to that we should let go?  I ask myself that question today during our church service.  Our pastor was talking about how we have the chance to stand in the presence of God but so often we choose to ignore Him and hang on to things that take us away from Him.

I came home after church and sat down at my art table and started working in my art journal.  The first page I made I looked at it and wrote, "this is the worst page I have ever made".  Then, while watching Effy's video and listening to her talk about writing and then covering it up, I created this.

I wrote and wrote and wrote about stuff that has been hanging in my brain.  I said a prayer to God to help me let it all go and then covered it with a piece of artwork that I am very happy about.  Thanks Effy for the time you put into your videos.

I can actually say that every day I stand in God's presence.  Some days I just don't see it.


Anonymous said...
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Fil said...

Beautiful photographs Kathleen and lovely words ... I love the idea of writing down what you want to let go off and then covering it up ... I'm going to try that. :)