Saturday, August 3, 2013


Have you ever really looked at rocks?  I haven't until recently when I watched The Quilt Show and saw Jean Wells talking about the direction of quilting she was on.  In that show she used pictures of rocks to create her quilts. 

So the other day while walking I carried my camera. I posted about what I saw along the way.  Anyway, I also took pictures of other things along the way.  Here is one.

I know, it's just a rock, but look at it.  I mean really look at it.  I did and for the first time I saw years of wear and tear.  I wonder how the ridges got there.  I wonder where it came from and do you think it was part of a larger boulder that was broken off? 

Now, look at this one.  What do you see?  I see a facial profile and off to the side I see a bear pointing at the face. 

On to the next driveway and I saw this one.  If you look closely you can see the small white pieces that are attached.  At first glance I thought someone had placed tiny rocks on top of it but not true.  They are part of the large one.  And look, in the upper corner, it looks like someone has tried to drill a hole in it. 

I have to thank Jean Wells and also Inner Excavate with Effy Wild for bringing this to my attention.  Through both I have come to realize how much I miss during the day.  I am now more aware of my surroundings.  All of these shapes and carvings are part of time passing and every single day we pass the common everyday items in our world without stopping to look.  We just get too busy with stuff to notice.  I would love to hear from you about your surroundings and what you found today.


rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

I've had a bit of a love affair with rocks, the Grandparents. Of course, I live in New England where rocks are everywhere.

I have rocks placed with intention around my little acre and even in my house. My spouse (bless his crazy heart) used to come home with rocks. Like we didn't have enough already.

I have to admit, though, some were pretty cool! Still are!

Karen Stewart Elliott said...

I used to do a meditation with rocks. I'd pick one up on my walk and then meditate with it and write from that meditation. The results were often profound. I loved reading that someone makes quilts from the patterns in rocks. I'd love to see some of these if there is a link. I was trying to think what I noticed yesterday and I thought I didn't notice much. I did watch The Buddy Holly story movie last night and was deeply touched but I haven't investigated why. I need to. Thanks for this lovely post.

Karen Stewart Elliott said...

Just noticed you're from Springfield. I live in Pulaski, TN, where I grew up. Lived in Atlanta for 30 years then moved back to TN. My parents lived in Cottontown. I guess you know where Burdett's Tea Room is. I love that place.

Effy said...

Mmmm....yes. I call it taking the 'long look'. Artists and poets need that to fill their well. Otherwise we do miss so very much!

Lori-Lyn said...

Yes! This is so cool. I always see faces in rocks.

Fil said...

I love stones ..... your post is very thought provoking ... tomorrow I'm going out to pay more attention.

We have wonderful dry stone walls near us ... they always make me think of lace .... maybe they'll sneak into a future blog.