Monday, August 26, 2013

Thinking Ahead

I know it's about 90 degrees outside and my air conditioner is running steadily to keep my studio at a somewhat cool 78.  With it being so hot today and the rest of the week, why am I thinking ahead? Maybe I am wishing for cooler temps.  Not really, I like warm weather.

I'm thinking of trying to get a jump on Christmas.  So this is what I have just put up on my design wall.

It's "The Nativity" from Mount Redoubt Designs.  This is another kit I have had for years and I'm trying my best to pull them out and work on them one at a time.  If interested in this or other Redoubt designs check out Robin Place Fabrics.  They carry a lot of their patterns and fabrics.

Now I have got to get this together for quilting.  I think metallic thread will look great, plus the kit included crystals to be added around the star and throughout the background.  Maybe I can get it finished by the end of September.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I can envision the metallic thread and the crystals. Both will really pop with the dark colored background.

It's been a bit cooler than normal here. I actually left work today and didn't struggle to catch my breath (from the humidity). Very much not typical for this time of year.