Thursday, September 5, 2013

Morning Dew

This post is taken from my Morning Pages Journal.
Have you ever looked at the grass when there is dew on the ground?  Most of the time I say it looks like frost but this morning I see a completely different picture.

It reminds me of a view from above.  I can see the lay of the ground and where the dogs have made their paths to go out and back.  I can see how they walk the same way only veering off a little bit as they return home.

It reminds me of the life we live and the paths we take.  We start our journey out into the world traveling along a path.  As we continue on through life we veer off in different directions, but in the end we return to the same place --------- HOME

Home, where we feel safe.  Home, where we feel love.  Home, where we feel a sense of peace and for me that is my home where I live.

It's also my home where God resides in my heart.  My God is my home and I know I may veer away but He is always there waiting for me to return.  Watching and waiting to see my footsteps in the dew and knowing that when I return He opens the door and says welcome home.

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Melody said...

Beautiful thoughts today