Friday, September 6, 2013

New Life

Today was a day of new life around R and K Farm.  First thing this morning, while having coffee on the patio I looked across the field and saw this beautiful sight.

 Another new calf born before daylight.  Ricky went out and checked to make sure they were okay and discovered it was another heifer.

 So far that makes 3 girls and 1 boy, with 5 more due this month.  It looks like the little ladies are winning.  She is so cute, with that bit of white on her face.

 Later on I decided I was going to give my Grandmothers old sewing box a new life.  It was about to come apart and to old to use so I found some paint and gave it a new color.   While it was drying,
 I went to town and purchased potting soil and flowers to put inside it.  I also painted it with a waterproof sealer inside and out.  Our dogs had dug out a spot beside the bird bath which was just perfect.
The next thing I did was take my glass shower door and bucket that used to be my water fountain and moved it between the rose bushes.  I also added flowers inside the bucket.

Now the side of my cottage is ready for the new Fall season.  The creation of new life, whether it is a new baby calf or new flower containers from something old that has been sitting around the house always makes me happy.  It has been a great day!

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