Saturday, September 7, 2013

Old Ironing Board

In July, my mother in law passed away.  As the family has been cleaning out the house getting ready for a granddaughter to buy it, I have been the proud recipient of a few of her sewing items.

 One was her sewing basket that I posted about earlier.  It even had a few of her left over hand pieced quilt blocks and other sewing items.

Last Sunday we were back at her house to see how things were going and I saw this iron on the table.  I ask if I could have it because mine had just quit working a few days before.  So I picked it up and brought it home.  Now, this iron is not that old, a Black and Decker Quick N' Easy 300, but my goodness.  Look at the bottom of it.

 I took the thing in the house and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more.  I used Bar Keepers Friend, Oven Cleaner, Tarnish Remover and a lot of "elbow grease".

 I ran White Vinegar and water through it several times and boy does it put out the steam.  Now on t the best part of all
 Check out this OLD ironing board that she used.  Ricky took off the cover that was on it before we brought it home.  It's made out of wood and metal.

The covers that are left on it are nailed down.  Some of the material looks like muslin but I'm not sure about all of them.

 This is the cross bars that are attached to the legs at the bottom.
 This is the front side, just look at the bottom of it.  That's where the iron stayed and from the looks of it, it was well used.
 I have counted 12 layers of some type of fabric on it and in the center you can see the wood.
This is the back were the leg bracket fits into the brace.  All metal.
And this is the size of the nails that are keeping the material on the board.  Ricky wants it cleaned up so we can have our house and my studio drawn on it.  We have a neighbor that works in pen and ink and makes wonderful pieces of art.  I don't know though, I kinda want to keep it as original as possible and maybe even use it in my studio.  What would you do if you had it?

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Debbie said...

I use to be a purist.....and would say don't touch it. But I really love the idea of the pen and ink drawings on the old board. I kept and used my Mom's board for a few years, but the leg finally gave way. So turning it to art would have been a priceless idea. Bottom line, follow your heart and be content with it.