Sunday, September 22, 2013

Third Time Around

Last week I visited JoAnn's new location in Goodlettsville and purchased this yarn in three different colors. I just love it and its so soft. It's called Truffles by Bernat. One ball will make a ruffle scarf.

Pulled out my nice wooden needles, size 7, and started knitting the scarf.  About a fourth of the way through I realized I had an extra stitch, and there are only 5 cast on. The directions say to work in every other space of the top edge of the yarn.
I thought, don't ask me why, I could just remove the last stitch instead of working a decrease.  When I did the whole thing started to unravel.  I rolled it back up and put it away for the night.  The next night I started it again, made it about half way through and things were going good.  I stopped, went to the kitchen for something, came back, picked up my needles and every stitch slid off.  So, I rolled it back up and put it away.
Last night I started it AGAIN but I changed to a size 10 plastic needle and found a cover for the tip.  I love the smoothness of my wooden needles but I had to put them up.  Things seem to be working now so I hope that I can get this finished without anymore problems.

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