Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mosaic Art

Have you ever tried anything like mosaic art?  I made table top one time using my grandmothers old dishes.  You know I work with oils on canvas and I also work with mixed media.  I've had this canvas of the "Creation", sitting in my studio for about a year now.  Every time I tried to work on it I just didn't have a good feeling about it.  One day, I was working on a journal page and it hit me, turn it into a mosaic piece.

I pulled out a few of my old art magazines, tore out pages of artwork and started cutting them into small pieces.  I am using a medium matte gel by Liquitex to adhere the pieces to the canvas.  After it's finished I will use a sealer over it, I just haven't decided what type yet.  I've got to cut some pieces to get the shading of the arms and hands and then add darker shades on the bottom.  I think I'll put them in some snack bags to keep it all organized.  Stay tuned for future posts.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fleece, Fleece, Fleece

It's that time of year that I wait patiently for our local Hancock's store to put their fleece on sale.  I have so much fun going into the store and seeing piles of it stacked up on the tables and then making my choices.

This year I came home with four different styles that adds up to about 20 yards.  Now, you're probably wondering what in the world am I going to do with that much fleece.

Well, every year our church collects donations for our local hospital.  We gather up needed baby items for families that have fallen on hard times and every year I make receiving blankets.  The fleece is 60"  so I can get 2 blankets per yard by making them slightly smaller than standard.  Once the fabric is cut I serge around the edges and they're ready to go.  By the time I'm finished I have a nice group of blankets and a heart filled with joy that someone can wrap their little one up for the ride home.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Finds

Yesterday while I was reading a blog This is who I am that I follow I noticed a button she had on her sidebar, Grow Your Blog.  I clicked on it, which lead me to 2 Bags Full, a beautiful blog with lots of interesting topics.  I signed up for the 2014 Grow Your Blog list as one of my, do something new for the new year.  While reading through her post I was lead to this blog My Desert Cottage which is also overflowing with interesting ideas.  More than I could read about at the time.

I did find a free tips and tutorials tab and checked that out.  I was able to make minor adjustments on my blog with her information.  I then noticed that she has published a book Building Beautiful Blogs which I definitely will purchase.  I guess what I'm getting at is that you never know what you will find if you would just take the time to read someones blog post.

Thanks go out to Terri, Vicki and Karen for writing and sharing as well as all the other bloggers out there.  I sometimes fail to comment on what you say but you never know how much you inspire others.  Have a blessed day.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Small Things Help

A few days ago I posted about my unique seam ripper that I purchased the local Art Festival.

Believe me when I say that I have used this ripper several times since I bought it.  I finally got in touch with the gentleman that was selling them.  I felt like a detective while I searched for him.  It would have been a lot easier if I had just kept his business card.

Anyway, after a few emails and phone calls I met his Saturday morning and made another purchase.

 I know, you're probably saying, it's just an ink pen and you would be right.  But for me this is a special ink pen.  Why, what's so special about it?

It has a stylus tip on the end and for me this is like finding gold.  Well, not quite that exciting but it comes in very handy when I try to text or make notes on my phone.  I know, I could have gone to one of the big retail stores and just purchased a stylus but I like to be different.

I have a condition called Essential Tremor which causes my fingers to shake when I try to do detail work, like thread a needle, draw a straight line, paint detailed work, or write with a pen and there are days you can forget texting on my phone.

Since this pen is made of wood it slightly heavier and larger than a normal ink pen and since it has a stylus tip it makes it a lot easier to use my phone. 

Some times it's the small things that make life easier.  I have the contact info where to purchase these pens or seam rippers so if you're interested send me an email or comment. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Studio Update

I have finally updated my Studio Page.  I am so happy with how I have things arranged now.  If you get the chance take a look and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Unique Find!

Last week I had a wonderful day with my daughter Amanda.  We went to Springfield for an Arts and Craft show in the park.  I guess there were about 50 booths set up with all kinds of items.  There were paintings, pottery, lots of beaded jewelry, glassware, woodwork, homemade soaps and candles and even items made from plastic spoons.  I stopped at one place and found the most unique wood carved ink pens. One even had a tip on one end that you could use on your Ipad.  But I just had to have this!

 A seam ripper!  Not just your ordinary plastic seam ripper either.

It has a small ripper on one end and a larger one on the other end. I loved the way the wood looks.  It reminds me of Peacock feathers.  Don't ask me why, it just does.  It's nice, easy to hold and great to look at.  A piece of art in itself.  I did take his business card and will probably get that ink pen later on.  What's your latest unique find?  I would love to hear about it.  Have a great day!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Take A Chance

Right before school started my youngest granddaughter, Abby, came over and made her first quilt.

Well, today I loaded it on my machine and instead of doing the normal thing I do, which is stippling, I took a chance and used each block to try some other form of free motion quilting.  Here are the pictures of my results.

 I used straight lines in one block
 Kinda' did a little echo quilting in one.
 Tried a circle but I think I should have started in the center.
 Small swirls, looks almost like rain drops
 Meandering which reminds me of ant trails
 I thought these would be clam shells but I did them wrong.
 Echo quilting starting in one corner.
 Plain squares or crosshatch.
 I made an X and then did echo quilting in each section.
 Some waves, I think. Not sure what you would call it.
 Some more echo quilting with arrow shapes.
 I even tried feathers, not so good, but at least I did it.
 Continuous circles in the sashing strips.
And small, not so straight, lines all around on the border.
I used Neon Orange on the border and Neon Green on the inside of the quilt.  I had fun working on this one and learned a lot.  I feel good that I stepped outside my comfort zone of plain stippling and one color thread.  I know now that I can do these things, I just need more practice.  That means more quilts!!!!  I better get busy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear Jane Blocks

I have been trying to get my Dear Jane quilt blocks organized.  So that's what I have been working on lately.  These are some that I haven't posted about before.

Pinwheel Gone Awry

Uncle Homer


Farm Fields

Ralph and Nelda's Wedding

Pete's Paintbox

Dogwood Days
These little blocks are 4.5" square.  I have joined an online group that gives a challenge to complete one a week.  Dogwood Days was this weeks challenge.  I have now completed 21 with about 200 to go.  At that rate it will be another 4, probably 5 years.  But what's time when you're having fun?