Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fleece, Fleece, Fleece

It's that time of year that I wait patiently for our local Hancock's store to put their fleece on sale.  I have so much fun going into the store and seeing piles of it stacked up on the tables and then making my choices.

This year I came home with four different styles that adds up to about 20 yards.  Now, you're probably wondering what in the world am I going to do with that much fleece.

Well, every year our church collects donations for our local hospital.  We gather up needed baby items for families that have fallen on hard times and every year I make receiving blankets.  The fleece is 60"  so I can get 2 blankets per yard by making them slightly smaller than standard.  Once the fabric is cut I serge around the edges and they're ready to go.  By the time I'm finished I have a nice group of blankets and a heart filled with joy that someone can wrap their little one up for the ride home.