Monday, October 28, 2013

Small Things Help

A few days ago I posted about my unique seam ripper that I purchased the local Art Festival.

Believe me when I say that I have used this ripper several times since I bought it.  I finally got in touch with the gentleman that was selling them.  I felt like a detective while I searched for him.  It would have been a lot easier if I had just kept his business card.

Anyway, after a few emails and phone calls I met his Saturday morning and made another purchase.

 I know, you're probably saying, it's just an ink pen and you would be right.  But for me this is a special ink pen.  Why, what's so special about it?

It has a stylus tip on the end and for me this is like finding gold.  Well, not quite that exciting but it comes in very handy when I try to text or make notes on my phone.  I know, I could have gone to one of the big retail stores and just purchased a stylus but I like to be different.

I have a condition called Essential Tremor which causes my fingers to shake when I try to do detail work, like thread a needle, draw a straight line, paint detailed work, or write with a pen and there are days you can forget texting on my phone.

Since this pen is made of wood it slightly heavier and larger than a normal ink pen and since it has a stylus tip it makes it a lot easier to use my phone. 

Some times it's the small things that make life easier.  I have the contact info where to purchase these pens or seam rippers so if you're interested send me an email or comment. 

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