Thursday, October 3, 2013

Take A Chance

Right before school started my youngest granddaughter, Abby, came over and made her first quilt.

Well, today I loaded it on my machine and instead of doing the normal thing I do, which is stippling, I took a chance and used each block to try some other form of free motion quilting.  Here are the pictures of my results.

 I used straight lines in one block
 Kinda' did a little echo quilting in one.
 Tried a circle but I think I should have started in the center.
 Small swirls, looks almost like rain drops
 Meandering which reminds me of ant trails
 I thought these would be clam shells but I did them wrong.
 Echo quilting starting in one corner.
 Plain squares or crosshatch.
 I made an X and then did echo quilting in each section.
 Some waves, I think. Not sure what you would call it.
 Some more echo quilting with arrow shapes.
 I even tried feathers, not so good, but at least I did it.
 Continuous circles in the sashing strips.
And small, not so straight, lines all around on the border.
I used Neon Orange on the border and Neon Green on the inside of the quilt.  I had fun working on this one and learned a lot.  I feel good that I stepped outside my comfort zone of plain stippling and one color thread.  I know now that I can do these things, I just need more practice.  That means more quilts!!!!  I better get busy.

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