Monday, November 25, 2013

Give Thanks for Family!

Our church had a Multicultural evening, Saturday night, with people representing  Native American, African American, Burma, Lao, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nigeria, Russia and Samoa.  Each culture spoke about their people and some presented music and songs in their native language.  It was simple amazing! 

Last night our church hosted the yearly Thanksgiving Union Service where we have different churches present. There were Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterian, and Methodist.  Each church presented some type of music or song.  The offering went to a local charity and the newest pastor, from the group of churches, was the guest speaker.  Truly a blessing.

This brings me to today, where I have thought about the many, many families that will be gathering together this week for Thanksgiving.  There will be one day where they all join together and enjoy each others company.  Laugh, talk and eat! 

I also know that there will be those that will not be together on Thanksgiving.  Maybe they're too far away, maybe they're too many family members to visit in one day, maybe they're too angry to speak to each other or maybe they just don't have any one but themselves. 

As Thanksgiving day draws closer, I just want to give THANKS TO GOD for giving me the family I have.  I remember the ones that have passed and I miss them deeply.  I pray for all that are still here.  May they find the peace and happiness in their lives.  I pray that they will remember that they are loved whether they are near or far and that they are family and I pray that they remember that family is the tie that binds.  May God's blessings be given to you this week.

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