Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lost Count

When you're working on quilt blocks do you ever lose count on how many you have finished?  Not only did I lose count, I actually lost pieces until they mysteriously appeared today, right after I finished my sets.

I needed 194 4-patch pieces and had all my strip sets cut in groups of 10 and went to town sewing them into 4-patch blocks.  I got them all pressed and was looking for a place to store them and what did I find in the basket I was going to use?  100 blocks already made.  If I wasn't so excited about completing the set I would be very, very, upset.  I will just put them aside and maybe use them in the border, I don't know, but it just tells me that I waited too long between working on this step.  I think I will have to start using labels on my baskets.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

I do lose count but generally end up falling short. I'm glad you found your blocks before this quilt is done so she can incorporate them in some manner!