Monday, November 11, 2013

Tears and Veterans Day

During our church sermon yesterday the pastor mentioned tears and crying.  He was talking about the time that Joseph met his brothers after about 30 years.  He wept, because he knew they had changed their ways and that his father was still alive.  He was overcome with emotion.
We all know that tears are a sign of emotions, sometimes uncontrollable.  They could be a sign of reflection, like when something sparks a certain memory and a tear will come to the eyes.  Tears can also be a way of showing love for the past.  Even though I knew all of this it came into prospective when we honored our veterans. 

This is my father, my oldest brother Michael and my middle brother Patrick.  I would say this was taken in the spring of 53' before my birth in Sept.  Today I honor them for their service to this country.  My father was involved in the Normandy Invasion and received a Purple Heart for wounds received in Saint Lo, France.  I recently saw a program that stated close to 3000 service men were killed during the battle to take this small town back.  I am blessed my father survived but I cry for the others lost.  My brothers Mike and Pat both served during the Vietnam war.  One in the Army and one in the Navy.  Today I say prayers, not just for my family but for the thousands of men and women that have proudly fought and died for this country. 

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