Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I love roses and I'm always amazed at the way they look when they bloom.  Here are my first blooms of the year.

 This one is my favorite.  I just love the way the color fades to light from the tips of the bloom.

This one has the biggest blooms.  I have tried painting pictures of these roses for several years and I haven't gotten it correct yet.  I don't know why I have such a difficult time with them.  I especially like the rain drops that are showing on the pedals and leaves.  More rain is due to come today and I wanted to get these pictures before they were pelted with more rain.  Have a blessed day.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Beaded Bracelets

Okay, the other day I told you about my jewelry so today I'm showing you what I've done so far.  Back in March I found a couple of bead shops in Nashville.  That was a fun day, looking at all the beads.  I have beads but I needed thread and needles.  This is my first hand beaded bracelet.

I found the pattern on Beadshop.Com.  They have a great video channel and some patterns are free to print from their website.  I watched their videos and decided I wanted to try a different style.  More shopping! Came home, set up my Ipad so I could watch and work at the same time.  Came up with these bracelets.

They're not bad for first time weaving without a loom.  I will eventually redo the multi-colored ones because my tension is off.  Right now they are okay.  Then I went to a beading class where you use a Ricks Beading Loom with no warp threads when you are finish.  It was a little difficult in the beginning but I came home with this bracelet.

 Of course I came home with the loom and this is what I'm working on now.  I have a piece of black set under the threads so the pattern will show.  The loom is all wood construction.  If you're into beading, check out the websites I have linked, you might find something you like.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Lately I've been dreaming about my mother and in those dreams I don't see her as she was when she died.  I see her young and vibrant like she was when I was little.  Mother loved to swim and she would take us to the local pool during the summer.  She had, what I thought at the time, some special way of floating on her back. I would hold her toes and she would pull me all around the pool.  I can see her now, just laughing and having a ball.  Those were good times.

Mother has been gone now for 2 years and there are days I still wake up thinking I need to visit mom today. Well, in a way, I do visit mom and it's not just in my dreams.  My visits come through my thoughts during the day.  They come through something said during a conversation and especially looking and talking to my daughter.  She spent so many years around mom that she picked up a lot of her traits that I am beginning to see as Amanda gets older.  When mom passed, she left her flame of life here on earth and that flame continues in her family that remains and it will continue until we are gone.

For Mom
"If I had a single flower for every time I think about you,
I could walk forever in my garden."
Written by Claudia Grandi 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Rain and Clouds

The rain is coming.  I can hear it beginning to hit our tin roof.  Lightly as it starts then louder and louder until it's a downpour.  I love listening to the rain but I don't like storms.  Our pets aren't that crazy about them either.  The dogs are laying close by, the cats are hiding under the furniture and my little horses are huddled under the tree.

Here is a page in my art journal that I made sometime back.  It was when that line of storms came through and all the tornadoes were touching down everywhere.  Our area was spared a lot of damage but I know the southern area of Tennessee was hit.  Have a great day and try to make the most of it, no matter what comes your way.

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Bead Weaving

You know, every year I try to learn something new.  This year it's bead weaving!  I think I'm addicted and it all started with this brooch.

 This pin belonged to my Grandmother. It is stamped on the back edge J Coro and across the pin Coro.  After a little research I found out those stamps were used after 1920 and my grandmother was born December 1900.  My daughter, Amanda, took some jewelry pieces, which included the brooch, to her friend Megan, and she created this piece.

 I love it!  I wore it to church one Sunday and received several compliments on it.  Many thanks go to Amanda for being so thoughtful and Megan for being so talented.

When Amanda gave this to me I thought of all the beads I had sitting in containers just waiting for something to be done with them.  I started looking through You Tube and found several channels about making jewelry.  That started the journey and I will show you what I have done in the next post.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

`Winter Barn

I realize that I have been neglectful of my blogging lately.  There are times that I just don't want to fool with it and there are times my computer doesn't work well and I get frustrated.  Where I live we don't have cable so we use Hughes Net and I still have Windows 7.  The service is okay when the weather is good, but when it's winter you can almost forget working on something like loading pictures or viewing videos.

Anyway, that doesn't have a thing to do with the title of the post, but this does.

"Winter Barn"
This is an original that I did back in the winter.  I took the photo a few years ago and promised Ricky I would do a painting of it.  I was taking a break on the Crucifixion painting and worked on this one.  

Here is the photo that I used as a reference.  I was standing on the carport when this was taken.  I loved the was the red stood out among all the snow and the white fence.  I wanted the painting to have a dimensional look so I used a palette knife to add white paint on the roof, fence posts, tree limbs and ground.   

Monday, May 5, 2014

Today's Memory

Today's memory is about my mom and dad.  They were married May 5, 1948 and I have thought of them off and on all day.

I can't tell you when this was made, probably in the early 80's.  I only know it was at the church and it was my father's family reunion.  Both parents and my oldest brother have passed but looking at this photo sure brings back a lot of memories about my family.
My middle brother Patrick, is in the light shirt.  When he was in the Navy he came home on leave and while my mom and I were out he dyed his blonde hair and eyebrows black.  When we got home he stuck his head out the door and my mom said, "Well, you Terry Newman looking thing".  Terry was her brother and she was right Pat looked just like him.  He had dye all over the bathroom but all we could do was laugh.
When I got old enough to go into night clubs, my oldest brother Michael decided I could go with him one night.  He had this red Volkswagen, pin striped black with chrome wheels.  We were in Nashville and he was trying to get through all the traffic so he decided to drive on the sidewalk.  I gotta tell ya, it scared the ..... out of me.  I just knew we would get stopped and arrested, but all Mike did was laugh at me.
Memories of Sunday dinners, lots of laughter, disagreements of course and love.  That's what I'm remembering today.