Monday, May 5, 2014

Today's Memory

Today's memory is about my mom and dad.  They were married May 5, 1948 and I have thought of them off and on all day.

I can't tell you when this was made, probably in the early 80's.  I only know it was at the church and it was my father's family reunion.  Both parents and my oldest brother have passed but looking at this photo sure brings back a lot of memories about my family.
My middle brother Patrick, is in the light shirt.  When he was in the Navy he came home on leave and while my mom and I were out he dyed his blonde hair and eyebrows black.  When we got home he stuck his head out the door and my mom said, "Well, you Terry Newman looking thing".  Terry was her brother and she was right Pat looked just like him.  He had dye all over the bathroom but all we could do was laugh.
When I got old enough to go into night clubs, my oldest brother Michael decided I could go with him one night.  He had this red Volkswagen, pin striped black with chrome wheels.  We were in Nashville and he was trying to get through all the traffic so he decided to drive on the sidewalk.  I gotta tell ya, it scared the ..... out of me.  I just knew we would get stopped and arrested, but all Mike did was laugh at me.
Memories of Sunday dinners, lots of laughter, disagreements of course and love.  That's what I'm remembering today.

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Jackie said...

It sounds like you had some good times! I would have been scared to drive on the sidewalk too! It's those kind of memories though that bring a smile to my face!